Sorventh Nicolas is a dragon unique for his lack of fire, instead he has mind altering smoke that he can breathe out in vast quantities. He is a quiet, soft spoken being with no remorse for those who get in the way of his ideals. Sorventh is the child of Bolas Nicolas and an unnamed mother.

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Appearance Edit

As a dragon Sorventh has yellow eyes, a small snout, pale white scales and wings. His full length is 82' including his tail. His much lankier shape in comparison to other dragons has made him a little shifty and always on edge when around anything bigger. In human form he has grey hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. He almost never wears anything besides armor and formal attire, since as a human he maintains his very poor physique.

Background Edit

Sorventh was born a few minutes after Darkwing, making his survival quite a marvel as Darkwing killed every other living dragon. To repay a favor to Bolas Nicolas and also for his own personal goals, an unknown being saved Sorventh while everyone else was slaughtered and took him to a cave covered with thousands of runes.

In this cave, the being taught Sorventh how to fight but was quickly disheartened at his lack of any projectile attack. During a sparring match Sorventh surprised his ancient master by making multiple clouds of smoke and lurking between them. Though it wasn't enough to win the match, his master saw a new potential in Sorventh and began training him in illusions and deceit. Sorventh quickly fell in love with research and knowing about his opponent, so his old master brought him books. While Sorventh read his master would probe his mind but found it increasingly more difficult. Eventually his master was able to deduce that Sorventh was the next keeper of memories from how hard it was becoming to probe his mind.

Once Sorventh's memories had fully awakened his master told him it was time for him to hear of his master's great work. Upon hearing of his role Sorventh left his old master behind and went to fufill his purpose, joining Darkwing at the age of eight. He would continue to serve as the Dragon Crater's keeper of memories until Darkwing's death at the hands of Purity. After his death Sorventh decided it was time to announce his presence and declared himself the Dragon God and the protector of the Sanctuary.

Abilities Edit

Sorventh can use a wide range of illusion magic, such as altering his smoke to make people hear, see, and feel whatever he pleases while they are inside the smoke. As the keeper of memories he also has every single memory from within his own Universe, granted he can't always conjure up the memories on a whim and those he deems unimportant usually are never brought up at all.

Relationships Edit

  • Parents: Bolas Nicolas-Father, Unnamed-Mother
  • Siblings: None
  • Children: None
  • Ally Friends: Odaviing and Darian Varo
  • Frequents: Lust
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