"[Quote describing the race, the best way to use this is to describe them as if they're being described in a storyteller's stories]"

Template for Races

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Physical Characteristics Edit

Here you'll type up a description of the race. Characteristics they commonly have, oddities that can occur, general body shape and size. Even how they smell. Which is weird, but hey, it's your race.

Culture Edit

Social structure, religious tendencies, technologies, traditions, and other such things would be put here.

History Edit

Here you'd put the major history of the race, describing where they came from, how they became established, how they survived, and what has become of them.

Abilities Edit

In this section, you would describe physical or genetic magical abilities commonly possessed by the members of your race. These traits can be rare, extremely common, or completely guaranteed.

Trivia Edit

Fun facts about the race that don't fit into any of the preceding categories. (i.e. if they're based on or inspired by an already existing fictional or non-fictitious race, what the name of your race means, etc.)

Characters with this Race: [Please put a small link to the page containing the CATEGORY page for your race. To get this, you'll first need to categorize a page with the EXACT same name as your race's page. This is to make it easier to find and organize.]

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