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This is the template used to make an organization page. An organization is exactly as it sounds.

A collection of people united behind a name or concept. This can be an army, legion, community, or even a small club shared between friends. Go ahead and put a small summary of your organization here.

Purpose Edit

What does your organization stand for? Why was it made? What are the core beliefs? Those are some easy questions to answer, but you can always put more than that.

Location Edit

Does your organization have a base of operations? Describe it! If not, delete this category

Members Edit

Who's in your organization? Give a brief description if it's a general collection. If there are any specific characters or NPC's in this organization, list them here:

  • Organization Member 1 [Rank]
  • Organization Member 2 [Rank]
  • Organization Member 3 [Rank]

If your organization has ranks go ahead and list them with the character. If your organization doesn't have ranks, then you don't need to worry about this part.

Ranks Edit

If your organization has ranks, it's best to explain what the rank titles mean and the hierarchy. This can be listed like so:

  • Leader
    • [Rank Description]
  • Vice President
    • [Rank Description]
  • Recruit
    • [Rank Description]

If your organization has no ranks, delete this category.

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