[Quote about the location that describes the feel of it] (Completely Optional)

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Here you should put an image of your location. You can put other images on the page of your location, but we generally require at least one.

Template used for Locations

Description of Location Edit

Here you describe the way your location looks, feels, sounds, smells. Any kind of sensory information you can give.

Climate Edit

Here you describe the weather and temperature of your location; i.e. how often it rains, if it snows, and what kind of natural disasters could occur there.

Inhabitants Edit

People Edit

Describe the people that live there, what their culture is like, who they're allied with, or despise. Etc. etc.

Wildlife Edit

What kind of animals live in your location? If none, delete this heading and put "No animals live here".

Beasts Edit

What kind of monsters live here? Zombies, beholders, skeletons, anything that you wouldn't regularly "hunt". Creatures of mythos like a Sphinx or a Minotaur would also go here.

If your location is an artificial construct (i.e. A ship or a building), the "Climate" and "Inhabitants" categories likely won't be needed. If you don't need them, go ahead and delete them.

Inner Locations Edit

This category is for larger "Locations" (i.e. A country, kingdom, realm, etc.) that contain smaller ones within them. If your location is big enough to contain smaller places, go ahead and make a list of the smaller locations in this category. If not, just delete this category altogether.

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