[Barebones Timeline, to be added onto]

0) God is the Center Piece in the creation of the universe.

1) First War of the Heavens - Heaven and Hell.

2) Rise of the Shadows.

3) Hell's "Change of Leadership."

4) Odaviing's sundering of the Earth / Earth's respective fall into anarchy.

5) Age of Discovery - The Scourge / Corruption / Zion / Abaddon.

6) War against the Corruption.

7) Rise of Crow.

8) Inter-realm arms-race.

9) Fall of Crow.

10) A taste of Peace.

11) Creation of Yeva and Dawn of the Dragons.

12) Rise of Wraith and the Surge of the Scourge.

13) A shift in Heaven, the replacement of God.

14) A shift in Hell. A new Devil. A new Hell.

15) Return of Frostmourne.

16) Battle of the Dragon Sanctuary.

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