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A small synopsis of your character goes here. This is an introduction, a short summary. You can state their race, a few personality traits, who they're the child of, and what they lead.

Description Edit

Here you can describe your character's appearance, personality, mannerisms, and preferences.

Background Edit

This is where you put your character's backstory. It can be just where they come from or go all the way to current day. For a bit more organization, you can create subsections, like so:

Birth and Early Childhood Edit

[Your character's story]

Teenage or Adult Years Edit

[Your character's story]

Current Day Edit

[Your character's story]

Abilities Edit

Here you put your character's abilities. You don't have to, but commonly powers are organized with bullet lists.

  • Ability 1
  • Ability 2
  • Ability 3

In this section, you can describe natural abilities like shapeshifting or the ability to fly with wings, magical abilities like spells and the ability to create constructs, and weapon proficiencies

Relationships Edit

This category is used to describe the relationships your character has with other characters. This includes their family, friends, and romantic relationships. Relationships are listed like so:

  • Parents: John Doe - Father, Jane Doe - Mother
  • Siblings: Jeremy Doe - Brother, Jenny Doe - Sister
  • Children: James Doe - Son, Janet Doe - Daughter

And so on.

Trivia Edit

Here you put any extra information that doesn't fit neatly into these categories! This can include just about anything. These extra facts are ordered by a bullet list

  • Trivia Fact 1
  • Trivia Fact 2
  • Trivia Fact 3
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